SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan’s birthday today


Join the celebration in honor of Jeonghan and learn some important facts about the history and career of this idol.

The CARATs around the world are celebrating, Jeonghan turns 25 today and the messages of good wishes have been present on social media, learn more about this idol and his path in the K-Pop industry.

The SEVENTEEN vocalist wasn’t always sure his destiny was in music, but his path was mapped out until he discovered this passion.

Yoon Yeong Han was born on October 4, 1995 in Seoul, he was a naughty boy who loved sports. When he grew up he considered becoming a barista due to his taste in coffee, but thanks to a friend of his he began attending acting school and shortly after was invited to audition while on public transportation.


This boy joined PLEDIS Entertainment and trained for just over two years within this company, a stage in which he improved his singing and dancing skills.

The preparation process was too heavy for him, so he thought several times about quitting. Fortunately, the members of SEVENTEEN and the support he received helped him stay strong and pass each test.

Jeonghan is characterized by his protective personality, but his talent is undoubtedly one of the best qualities that make him shine.

After preparing for a while, this idol debuted on May 26, 2015 as a member of SEVENTEEN and has since worked to success alongside his fellow members, conquering fans around the world.

For that reason, the CARATs have gathered on social media to message Jeonghan in honor of his birthday, acknowledging his broad skills and good personality. Have you already congratulated him?

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