SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi celebrates his birthday with the love of carat


SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi celebrates his birthday with the love of carat. The idol has shown great talent throughout his career with the group.

SEVENTEEN is getting ready for their new comeback with the release of Heng: garæ, their new album and with which they will put all the power of their music and talent to liven up the summer of Carat.

But before they celebrate new promotions, today is a special day for the fandom and the group, as Hoshi is turning 24, (25 in Korean age) and has received all the love from his fans.

Through the hashtags #OurSummerHOSHIDay and #HAPPY_HOSHI_DAY , Carat has shared various messages of love and congratulations for the idol, in addition, they have shared several photos and videos of their favorite moments of the singer.

Despite being so young, the i dol has shown to have a great personality, his charisma gave him his stage name, he really is called Kwon Soon Young. The singer is a member of the SEVENTEEN performance subunit .

His love of dance by spending time in choreographic taekwondo, his talent is such that he did not even have to audition for Pledis, the company recruited him as a trainee after being in a dance competition, his training lasted 4 years.

Hoshi also stands out as a singer within the group, although his specialty is choreography. Before debuting, one of his specialties was taekwondo, he could well have been a remarkable athlete because he even participated in some competitions.

In just under 1 week, SEVENTEEN will be making their comeback, although they have already revealed their “My My” MV, a first teaser before their new album, the boys have also been sharing their most difficult moments through their documentary “Hit The Road “.


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