SEVENTEEN: Woozi showed off with Ruby, the best of his mixtape


All SEVENTEEN idols are talented and have shown it together and as a solo artist, Woozi’s debut as a solo artist left CARAT with their mouths open, what is the best thing about Ruby?

The day arrived, SEVENTEEN’s Woozi debuted as a soloist, with his mixtape ‘Ruby’ he moved his fans since the announcement of this production; As is well known, this boy band member has actively participated in the writing, composition and production of the group’s songs since its inception.

Lee Jihoon has proven to be a musical genius by composing so many great hits for SVT, without a doubt he has a special talent that makes his idol group shine; but he had never worked solo and CARAT was looking forward to a special work from this artist.

But the wait is over, Woozi promised that with ‘Ruby’ he would capture the music that he always wanted to transmit, the most personal label of the idol would be in this mixtape as a soloist; Besides that it would be a song in English, a special gift for his fans around the world who have not stopped supporting him.

Probably, nobody expected what ‘Ruby’ would be like in reality and Jihoon has surprised friends and strangers with this new mixtape, in Korea the idol is trending with his solo debut, what do we love about his new song?


1. The instrumental

‘Ruby’ has many contrasts, it starts out as a piece of classical music and then all the power goes up to invade us with a rock-based melody, in the middle we can also find a piano with an excellent rhythm; the instrumental is just great and there’s even an awesome guitar solo. Perfectly accompanying Woozi’s voice that conveys different emotions.

2. The letter

The lyrics are very funny, we can hear a Woozi swearing in English, maybe we thought that ‘Ruby’ could refer to something very classy and glamorous but it also refers to a girl making the idol so shy that he turns as red as a ruby, lol, and the part where you order a Coke Zero to realize it’s red too, it’s just so cool.

Baby you’re turning me into a beautiful gem

Every time I look at you I keep turning red

I’m not going back, go color me like you

My forbidden fruit, she has ruby ​​lips

3. The MV

The MV for ‘Ruby’ has no loss, it has a fantastic photography, it may not have great stages, but Woozi’s colors and outfits completely delight us when we watch this music video, and the part where he plays the guitar with the lasers is quite well, we love this MV.

4. To Woozi

Woozi looks very free in this MV, it shows that he enjoyed not only the process of making his song, but also in the recording of the video and saying that it is a gift for CARAT is even better, something excellent, Woozi soloist is amazing and there is no doubt about it.

Special mention: SEVENTEEN’s support

SEVENTEEN was not going to stop supporting his producer, the members of the group received the song very well, Hoshi looked very excited, but we could see comments from everyone showing his love for Woozi’s ‘Ruby’, awww ! SVT is a true <3 family.

‘Ruby’ is just amazing, Woozi excelled with this song, it’s really special and cool in many ways, we can’t stop listening to it <3.

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