SEVENTEEN: Which Member Is The Best Boyfriend?


SEVENTEEN has extremely talented members, on stage, they always show us their great energy, power, and abilities; there is no fan who can resist the charms of their favorite idols. Each one is different but all have a special essence that has ended up captivating CARAT.

Whether singing, dancing, or rapping, all SVT idols shine brightly and cheer the hearts of their fans, but when they come down from the stage they continue to stand out as sweet and cute people, beautiful human beings that could make any girl fall in love.

But only 1 of the 13 SEVENTEEN idols can be the perfect boyfriend, according to the statistics and polls were taken by CARAT, we got the results.


During one of the fancalls that SEVENTEEN had with CARAT, one of the fans who could win this great opportunity was China and the date of the video call occurred on Valentine‘s Day in the country and therefore asked Woozi to introduce him to the boyfriend ideal, the most perfect boy she knew for her.

Woozi had to think about it for a moment because with so many members in SVT he could not choose just one, but in the end, he made his decision … the ideal boyfriend who is in SEVENTEEN is Hoshi : 0. Woozi said it’s because he has a lot of aegyo, this idol is very cute.


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How cute Woozi and Hoshi too, idols can be the perfect boyfriends for every fan but this was just Woozi’s humble opinion <3.


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