SEVENTEEN: What are the best Vocal Team songs?


SEVENTEEN has amazing vocalists in their lineup and those who specialize in singing have created a vocal team that has wowed us with their best songs.

Each member of SEVENTEEN has different talents, skills, and specialties, but they all work together so well to do the best teamwork with 13 amazing members; To improve their activities, the idol group is divided into subunits.

One of them is the Vocal Team with 5 of the members who have a special talent for singing, they are the best vocalists and their incredible ranges have proven it in many of SVT’s songs; This team of specialized singers is made up of Woozi, Joshua, Jeonghan, DK, and Seungkwan.

On each SEVENTEEN album there are special songs from each of their teams, the Vocal Team has worked writing and performing these tracks by subunit in an incredible way, further captivating the heart of CARAT with the melodious voices of the 5 vocalists.

What are the best songs from SEVENTEEN’s Vocal Team? Here are some that have managed to completely woo their fans and show that the group’s vocalists have unimaginably unimaginable talents.


1. Same dream, same mind, same night

On SEVENTEEN’s ‘Your Choice’ album, we can hear ‘Same dream, same mind, same night’, the last song on the album gives CARAT an amazing sound from the beginning of this track, it is just wonderful, full of feelings and of the sweet voices of the group’s vocalists.

Woozi wrote ‘Pinwheel’, a song from the Vocal Team that we can hear on the album ‘Teen, Age’, the leader of the sub-unit is also a great mind for the K-Pop group and with this composition he stole the hearts of the world thanks on the piano that accompanies the beautiful voices of the SVT singers.

3. 20

In SEVENTEEN’s first mini album, ’17 Carat ‘, we can hear’ 20 ‘being the first composition of the sub-unit, it gives us a happy rhythm with the great voices of the specialized singers of the idol group, it is a song full of energy.

4. Second Life

‘Second Life’ presents us with a different rhythm at the beginning, always perfectly adorning the voices of the incredible members of SEVENTEEN’s Vocal Team, this song is on the group’s ‘An Ode’ album; in this they show us a new facet but always just as exciting and with great quality.

5. Habit

For the album ‘Al1’, the Vocal Team presented a beautiful ballad, ‘Habit’ takes us through the most sentimental of the hearts of this subunit, its soft rhythm as well as the voices with a peak of emotion that manages to touch every fiber of CARAT.

6. Imperfect Love

On SEVENTEEN’s ‘Attacca’ album we find ‘Imperfect Love’, with renewed energy the Vocal Team idols show us a new song with different tones and a very beautiful instrumental part that always perfectly accompanies the beautiful voices of the singers.

Special mention: Check-In Vocal Team Ver.

Sorry, but I don’t trust CARAT that has already passed the Vocal Team’s version of ‘Check-In’, this track is original from SEVENTEEN’s Hip-Hop Team, but for the 2021 fan meeting, the group’s singers modified it and they also tested their talents as rappers; plus Jeonghan chick shone like no one else <3.

What’s your favorite SEVENTEEN Vocal Team song? There are many more of which we can enjoy but we could not put them all or the ranking would be the longest.

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