SEVENTEEN to appear on new episode of I-LAND


SEVENTEEN will be part of the reality show I-LAND with a special participation. The Pledis Entertainment group will be another guest on the BigHit reality show, which seeks to form the new Korean pop boygroup. The so-called Million Seller will be in charge of taking the participants to their new mission, idols are known for having the best timing and difficulty in their choreography.

Through social networks, the program announced the advance of I-LAND, the BigHit trainee show, in episode 10 of next week SEVENTEEN will be in charge of putting the new challenge to K-pop aspiring, those in charge of advising the participants will be Hoshi, Dino, The8 and Jun.

In the preview of almost 30 seconds, the idols of the K-pop group appear to surprise the boys of I-LAND, who will have to prepare to fulfill their new mission: to perform choreography with different concepts, a task of great difficulty, because SEVENTEEN is known for their great synchronicity when dancing.


SEVENTEEN have gained massive popularity thanks to their talents, and since Pledis was acquired by BigHit, they were considered to inspire the entertainment agency’s new generation of idols. I-LAND fans are excited to see them on screen.

The episode will air next Friday, September 4 through the official BigHit and Mnet channel on YouTube. The reality show resumed its recordings after a member of satff tested positive for the current epidemic that caused a new outbreak of infections in South Korea. Although there will only be 4 members of the group, the boys will give their all to instruct the applicants.

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Carat has expressed him support for the SEVENTEEN boys on social networks, in addition, the group will be able to teach the trainees the importance of teamwork, since apparently there will be 12 who will debut in the group, one less than the Pledis group and they will have to learn to sync with each other by performing 2 songs by K-pop idols.


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