SEVENTEEN talks about Semicolon ahead of its premiere


The boys of SEVENTEEN will be returning with a new album, and they talked about how they prepared this release and the surprises behind each song.

The excitement of the CARATs around the world remains awaiting the premiere of Semicolon, SEVENTEEN’s new album will be released on October 19, but the members of the group have already revealed several surprises for their fans that managed to increase their interest in this record material.

Previously, the idols’ social networks showed some teaser photos that helped us visualize the image that the singers will be presenting in this comeback, but after showing a small preview of the songs of Semicolon, the members of SEVENTEEN talked about what it was like. the creative process for this album. Read on and find out what they said.


The group posted a video on their YouTube channel under the title COMMENTARY of SVT, where we see that the members divided into groups to comment on their opinions on the work they did for this new record production.

It was thus that one by one he spoke about the songs that are part of the album, the message that is hidden behind the lyrics, the rhythm and also how they prepared the melody, letting the fans know their experience and expectations for this material.

Furthermore, the SVT boys pointed out that they hope to convey a message of courage to their fans, motivating the youth to pursue their dreams but also take a moment to rest and enjoy their day to day.

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