SEVENTEEN shows their retro side in Home Run


SEVENTEEN reveals the first preview of “Home Run,” their new MV. The K-pop group is ready for their next comeback.

The idols of Pledis Entertainment will release a special album very soon, the countdown is reduced to just five days for Carat to know the new songs that Woozi, The 8, Vernon and S.Coups wrote, “Semicolon” ​​will have a retro concept and the The first teaser for their title track “Home Run” has already been revealed.

Through their official social media, SEVENTEEN released the first teaser for “Home Run”, their new MV and lead single from the album “Semicolon”. The K-pop group will make their comeback on October 19 and Carat is counting down the days to hear their new music, the boys paraded in vintage costumes inspired by the 1920s.

The video lasts only 13 seconds, but it already registers more than 400 thousand reproductions in a short time. Apparently, the boys will make a kind of metaphor with the bets in their search for a diamond. The teaser is similar to a movie trailer, while in the background the chorus of “Home Run” and the jazzy melody are heard.


SEVENTEEN idols will travel back in time in their new comeback, each of the members appearing in the opening scenes of “Home Run” wearing elegant vintage outfits, while walking the corridors of a streetcar in plaid outfits and hats in the style of Michael Jackson.

In another of the scenes, they appear in retro clothes in what appears to be a warehouse, where they will play a game of cards that fly out of Vernon’s hands. SEVENTEEN is in search of a diamond called “Semicolon”, there are also scenes similar to a classic movie, the idols appear in a kind of theater lit with light bulbs.

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In the end, one of the guys holds a bat and hits in the air while listening to “Home Run,” the biggest hit in baseball, as someone steals the diamond from a table. Carat shared various messages about SEVENTEEN’s looks and her expectations for the comeback.

The group also shared a video where they talked about the process of their album “Semicolon”.


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