SEVENTEEN shares spoiler for their new album Semicolon


SEVENTEEN reveals new previews of “Semicolon”, their new album, the K-pop group published a spoiler of their new music.

One week after their comeback, the Pledis Entertainment group is ready for the release of their special album, which consists of six songs that were written by the group members.After releasing several photos of the album, SEVENTEEN revealed the first seconds of “Semicolon”.

Through their official social media, K-pop group SEVENTEEN shared a new teaser with Carat. The boys will be making their comeback with “Semicolon” ​​on October 19. Woozi, The 8, Vernon and S.Coups were in charge of the composition of the lyrics. To increase anticipation for their comeback, the idols made spoilers for all of their songs.

SEVENTEEN’s post already registers more than 60 thousand RTs and 80 thousand likes. The video only shows a few seconds of his songs in order to surprise his fans during the official release, Carat has already chosen some of his favorites and cannot wait to hear the full album.


The first song is “Home Run”, their main single and the one that they are going to promote with, apparently it will be a classic jazz type song, catchy and with a fun choreography while the boys snap their thumbs. The second is “Do re mi”, where they will show their talent and vocal harmony, it is a quiet pop song.

“Hey Buddy” also promises to be a dance song and full of trumpets throughout the chorus. The part of rap and hip will come with “Light a flame”. “Ah! Love ”will be a fresh ballad and electro pop style, finally,“ All my love ”promises to be a kind of calm ballad that will captivate Carat with the voices of the SEVENTEEN boys.

SEVENTEEN also revealed new group teasers for their comeback, the boys modeled in different, very colorful and vintage outfits.

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