SEVENTEEN reveals Semicolon official tracklist and emoji


SEVENTEEN reveals the tracklist for “Semicolon,” their new album, and debuts their custom emoji on Twitter.

Pledis Entertainment’s K-pop group is set to make their comeback with a special album, after the success of “Left & Right,” the boys will surprise Carat with new music in just a few days. Its colorful and vintage concept promises to be a unique journey and the idols have already revealed the track list for “Semicolon”.

Through their official social networks, SEVENTEEN revealed a new preview of “Semicolon,” their new album. The K-pop group shared the teaser for their tracklist, the new songs promise to be a success, it will be only six since it is a special album, but Carat is counting the days for the boys’ comeback.

The title song will be called “Home Run”, they will also release singles like 2All my love ”,“ Ah! Love “,” Light a Flame “,” Hey Buddy “and” Do re mi “, all the lyrics were composed by the members, among them, Woozi, Vernon, The 8, and S.Coups, demonstrating why they are one of the groups with extra talented abilities.


Pledis’s group also revealed the custom emoji with which they will promote “Semicolon”, which consists of a semicolon symbol, although the concept of the comeback is not yet fully revealed, the boys could have been inspired by the hope that exists. during difficult times, not only because of the current health crisis, but because of the difficulties of life.

This sign has been used in tattoos, some people express it on their skin as a mark of struggle, as it is also related to disorders such as depression, as it emerged in social networks as an initiative to continue with life, a semicolon does not marks the end of something.

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The meaning behind “Semicolon” ​​could be very special to Carat and SEVENTEEN. The group will release their special album on October 19. Are you ready?


The Pledis Entertainment K-pop group also released some very colorful group teasers for “Semicolon.”


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