SEVENTEEN reveals a preview of Left & Right in this TikTok challenge


The group is set to make their comeback with the album Heng: garæ. SEVENTEEN challenges Carat in the new preview of “Left & Right” , the main single from their new album.

The boys are ready to start a new era with Heng: garæ , the group has revealed several teasers to promote their new MV, which will be released this June 22 , we tell you the details of their new challenge.

Music platforms have become very important for artists and as a new promotion, K-pop groups have joined the TikTok community , SEVENTEEN is no exception, through their official profile, the group revealed a preview of “Left & Right”.

The purpose of this musical track, which lasts almost 30 seconds, is for Carat to join his challenge and learn a part of the choreography to make his song go viral before it is released, since the momentum of the platform allows more users to know their music.

The challenge is to move from one side to the other, just like the song’s chorus says. SEVENTEEN also revealed a new teaser for the MV, which shows the members in an abandoned building, having a great dance party, the rhythm will conquer you from the first time you listen to it.

Carat has shared his videos of the challenge, also the excitement for the boys’ comeback, because in addition, they start a new stage in their career with much more promotion since Pledis was acquired by BigHit, although they will continue under the label in which they debuted. and without changing the way they produce their albums.

Before making their comeback, the group released their pre-release single “My My”, an emotional song with a message about not being alone and, they are recommended to know themselves and not lose faith, a great lyrics dedicated to Carat.


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