SEVENTEEN Reveals Comeback Date With Semicolon


SEVENTEEN reveals the date of their new comeback with their upcoming album “Semicolon.”] The Pledis Entertainment group, now a subagency of BigHit, is ready to surprise Carat with new music, after several tracks, the boys finally confirmed their return to the K-pop industry and have already released the first teaser for the comeback. The idols will release a special album under the name “Semicolon.”

Through their official social networks, SEVENTEEN unexpectedly announced their new comeback, the K-pop group will release their special album “Semicolon”, the premiere is scheduled to take place on October 19, the first teaser was surprisingly revealed, causing the euphoria of Carat after knowing the new era.

The video clip they revealed is a kind of mini movie with a very vintage style, it lasts only 42 seconds, but it was long enough for the fans to fall in love with each of the members, who modeled in retro suits and black hats in the style of Michael Jackson, the first advance already registers more than 300 thousand reproductions.


The K-pop group is ready to say goodbye to the era of “Left & Right”, the new style combines retro with the magic of silent movies, with a message translated as “The invitation for youth”, the teaser begins with everyone the boys on a vintage car and covering their faces with a hat.

Soon after, they receive an invitation and go on a train journey, combining color and black-and-white images. Other scenes show the idols enjoying a party, bowling, and champagne. Some of the members appear alone while reading invitations with messages such as “Work hard”, “Play” and “Rest.” At the end, SEVENTEEN appears toasting in the middle of a light-lit marquee.

The message for Carat is that they get enough rest, because they will embark on a new journey soon. “Semicolon” ​​will premiere on October 19, the boys gave the first clues as they revealed their new hair colors and finally confirmed their comeback after waiting for the fans.

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