SEVENTEEN releases the MV of Left and Right, their new song


No matter which path you choose, SEVENTEEN will be motivating you with the Left & Right video. The SEVENTEEN guys are releasing their seventh mini album and, for this, they released the music video for Left & Right , the main single from this record production.

The release of the Heng: garae mini album is here and SEVENTEEN revealed a new MV that will undoubtedly infect you with energy and motivation. The Left & Right video starts on a race track and, after listening to 1, 2, 3, 4 as a signal for the beginning of the song , we see the SEVENTEEN guys shake their heads from side to side to the beat of music, trying to choose which path to take.

The race is a metaphor through which SEVENTEEN motivates you to continue advancing, always with your head held high and your eyes wide open, keeping your attention on your surroundings. Regardless of the goal you pursue, this idol group invites you not to give up and continue to give your best.

In the video of Left & Right , members do not compete against each other, but are there to support some of their peers in certain scenarios. Together they celebrate and motivate those who need it, transmitting energy even through the screen.

Throughout the video we see lines, arrows and traffic lights that tell us about a direction indicated by others and that were previously established, however, the members of SEVENTEEN show us that it is not necessary to adapt to them, each one can trace their own path , choose when to go forward and when to stop.

Some members of the group even defy the law of gravity, saying it doesn’t matter which path you choose to follow, as long as you continue to improve and pursue your dreams.

SEVENTEEN recently released the music video for the song My My , a release prior to this comeback.

Watch the new video of SEVENTEEN below:


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