SEVENTEEN: New Looks and Piercings in Attaca, Bad Boys Style


SEVENTEEN idols transformed their style into teasers for their exciting comeback. A new musical era for SEVENTEEN is underway and along with their album, we have also witnessed the look changes that idols introduced to CARAT.

The release of the group’s ninth mini album is yet to come, and the teaser round has thrilled all the fans. Not only are SEVENTEEN excited about new posters for the comeback, but now they have released a concept teaser video for Rush of Love .

What no one expected was that the Pledis Entertainment singers would return with makeovers with a risky touch and all the bad boys vibe, so they stole sighs with this new facet that we will be seeing during the era of promotions that is coming.

The new clip takes us to different settings, from parking lots to rooftops, recording studios, bedrooms, and lots of bright lights, but the more we see SEVENTEEN’s looks, the more excitement comes from the comeback .


The Concept Trailer of Attaca begins with a musical background and quickly the sound of an electric guitar makes its way, but the details did not go unnoticed and each of the members of the group thrilled his fans.

One of the most striking details is the rebellious vibe that several of them convey with their charming look changes, starting with Hoshi who appeared with a new eyebrow design that features a cutout.

Among the idols who wore new piercings is Joshua , a member who placed this accessory on his eyebrow. We also have Dino with a lip piercing and a transformation to his hair that now features a mullet.

As if that weren’t enough, Woozi’s rocker look drove his fans crazy and has become one of CARAT’s favorite talking points . What was your favorite look in SEVENTEEN’s new comeback preview ?


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