SEVENTEEN: Joshua and Jun test positive for COVID, how are you feeling?


Previous days, we were informed that seven members of SEVENTEEN tested positive for COVID-19, unfortunately two more members were infected with this virus, since they are Jun and Joshua, members of this renowned K-pop group.

Bad news for CARAT because SEVENTEEN has given news after news and they are not the best, because two boys from this group have been infected with COVID-19. We can’t help but worry about Joshua and Jun.


Although we know that this virus has been in force since 2020 and many of us have been infected, idols are no exception, since DK, Seungkwan, S.Coups tested positive days before, although these young artists have already started their quarantine and thus began a speedy recovery, we have the news that they have not been the only ones.

The company communicated about the health status of these members and explained to us that their activities were postponed, so they can start a speedy recovery.

S.Coups underwent a test at home, when it was positive, he went to the hospital to take a PCR test that confirmed his current health status, DK and Seungkwan had no symptoms and tested negative, but unfortunately the next day they felt bad , causing them both to undergo PCR tests AND after testing positive for COVID, they were quarantined and thus began their recovery.

On March 7, Pledis Entertainment released a statement informing that The8 also tested positive for COVID-19, because although the member of this K-Pop group, a COVID test was carried out on March 5, that same day. A PCR test was carried out in which it was positive, fortunately the idol has no symptoms and is already in quarantine.


On March 8, Pledis Entertainment reported on the current health status of Jun and Joshua, as they both contracted COVID and had to postpone their activities.

Joshua took a home test, in which he tested negative, on March 7, he performed a PCR test in which he confirmed that he had COVID-19. On March 8, Jun did a PCR test in which he also tested positive, fortunately Jun and Joshua have not presented any symptoms and so they both start quarantine and treatment at home.