SEVENTEEN celebrates its fifth anniversary as a group of K-Pop


Under the PLEDIS label, SEVENTEEN, a group of 13 members, made their official debut on May 26, 2015 with the mini album ’17 CARAT ‘, which they promoted with the MV and single “Adore U”.

Since then, the group has managed to gain the affection and recognition of its fans known as “Carat”, who today celebrates its fifth anniversary. We tell you the details.

Through the hashtags # SEVENTEEN5thAnniversary and # SVT_5th_anniversary, Carat has shared various messages of congratulations and support to the boys, whom they admire for their talent for the composition and production of their own albums, they are also considered the idols with the best synchronization in the dance.

SEVENTEEN has released 9 mini albums and 3 studio albums, with hits like “Fallin ‘Flower”, “Clap”, Home “,” Oh My “,” Very Nice “, among others. They have also participated in OST of some k-dramas.

The fandom has shared photos and videos of their favorite moments with SVT, who have given them love and happiness, so Carat hopes that the boys will continue to receive recognition for their effort and work for 5 years.

Recently, it was announced that their company was acquired by BigHit, although they will continue under the command of PLEDIS, but they will have more opportunities to promote their activities.

Throughout these 5 years, the group has gone through various moments, good and bad, in which they have suffered and have risen to continue with the function, all this has been seen in their documentary “Hit The Road”, where they they reveal to Carat another side of his career.


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