SEVENTEEN breathes life in Home Run


SEVENTEEN premiered “Home Run”, their new MV, the K-pop group is back to give a special message to their fans with “Semicolon”.

Idols from Pledis Entertainment, now a BigHit subagency, surprised Carat with new music. The special album that they released a few hours ago represents new goals for the boys, who registered a record of one million presales before its release, “Home Run” is a fun song that seeks to cheer up its fans.

Through their official social networks, SEVENTEEN revealed their new MV titled “Home Run”, Carat positioned in trends the hashtag #HOME_Run and #Semicolon, the name of their new mini album, which registered almost 300 thousand copies sold on its first day In addition, the music video already has almost 2 and a half million views on YouTube.

The concept of “Home Run” is vintage and retro, the idols of the K-pop group seek to give Carat a message of hope. The pop song has jazz vibes, whose lyrics seek to encourage and invite you to take a break, live youth, be yourself and not worry so much about life, hence the meaning of “Semicolon”, SEVENTEEN sings a semicolon.


The “Home Run” MV is similar to a great musical, between the different sets and SEVENTEEN’s choreography, the boys immerse themselves in their own movie. It all starts when one of the members is hit by a baseball, other guys show up at a club and start dancing while asking you to do whatever you want, then they show up in the middle of a poker game.

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The video combines retro and vintage scenes in black and white, just like old films. The explosive part of “Home Run” is during the chorus, the boys appear outside what appears to be a theater and their dance is similar to that of the great musicals, each of them wearing costumes in colors that match perfectly.

SEVENTEEN also travels on a train and they look for a way to escape and jump, a kind of metaphor about getting out of the rut and going your own way. In the end, the idols appear on a bowling alley and on a pool table, apparently, the diamond that appears during the MV is a way of representing what keeps us tied, so they end up getting rid of it to take a break of the life.

The boys of SEVENTEEN have won Carat’s heart thanks to their great talents, find out what kind of girl each of the members is looking for.


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