Seven seat Tesla Model Y production to begin next month


Rumors about the seven-seat Tesla Model Y were raised before the official announcement. Finally, the expected statement on the subject came from Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Musk announced that a seven-seat version of the Model Y will be on the road soon.

For those looking for more passenger-carrying capacity in Tesla’s small electric SUV, the wheels will soon be spinning. Shipments of the first Model Y with seven seats will begin in December.

According to the news of the Car and Driver website, an extra $ 3,000 is required when selecting the seven-seat version of the Model Y on Tesla’s website. For the delivery of this car, 2021 is indicated. Model Y sells for just under $ 50,000.

tesla model y

It is also rumored that Tesla is planning to release a more affordable version of the Model Y. Musk had given some tips on this issue before. The Twitter user with the nickname “@greentheonly”, who has detailed information about Tesla, gave “Details about other changes?” 🙂 “The answer shows that Tesla is planning other innovations.

Tesla Model Y was introduced in 2019. Deliveries of the car started last March.

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