Seven games to play with children during coronavirus quarantine

Roblox, ToDo Mathematics and Moy 7 are some activity tips to do with children in quarantine. With the recent coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), a period of isolation has been recommended for everyone. Thinking about it, TechTudo made a selection of games for those looking for options to spend time at home with children. Seven titles were chosen with activities and games aimed at the little ones, which parents can follow and have fun together.

All games on the list are suitable for children and offer tasks that stimulate creativity and learning. There are educational activities such as ToDo Mathematics, a math game with exercises for children of different age groups, and also coloring pages in the games Coloring Games: Coloring, Painting and Glow, Hello Kitty Activity Almanac and Disney Junior Play. You also find creative games, like the popular Roblox and Minion Rush: Despicable Me The Game.

1. Roblox
Roblox is a game with different worlds in which parents and children can live different adventures together. It has numerous creative and immersive environments created by the community, where you can participate in different minigames, many of them reproductions of famous titles.

Players control avatars that can be customized with different clothes and accessories. The chat is designed to be safe for children, with restrictions settings and private groups. Roblox is available for PC (Windows or Mac), Xbox One and mobile devices (iOS and Android).

2. Moy 7 – The Virtual Mascot Game
In this game, the goal is to take care of a nice virtual pet called Moy. For the pet to grow happily, it is necessary to feed it, brush its teeth, bathe, play and put it to sleep. In addition to the basic tasks, which teach the importance of these daily activities, the game also has varied games that give coins to personalize Moy. There are mini-games of puzzle, running, casual, and also activities aimed at stimulating creativity, such as coloring pages and music games. Moy 7 is available for Android.

3. Coloring Games: Coloring, Painting and Shining
This is an application for the little ones who like coloring pages. Ideal for babies and toddlers, it offers a variety of painting tools and modes, including painting by numbers, free drawings, watercolor and glossy pens with a neon background. As well as several colors of paint, the game also provides materials to make the arts much more creative, such as glitter, stickers, patterns and crayons. Coloring Games is available for Android and PC (Windows).

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4. Hello Kitty Activity Almanac
The Hello Kitty Activity Almanac is an Android app that brings together various games and activities to do with your children at home. In addition to more than 100 coloring pages, children can also have fun with activities that stimulate the brain, such as memory games, puzzles and the game of seven errors. All activities have a beautiful look, with illustrations of the character Hello Kitty and her class.

5. ToDo Mathematics
For those looking for activities related to education, there is ToDo Mathematics, an application designed to encourage the practice of mathematics among children. It has more than two thousand activities aimed at different levels of education, ranging from kindergarten to elementary school.

Parents can accompany their children in activities, visualizing their performance and helping with tasks where the child has more difficulties. ToDo Mathematics is available for smartphones and tablets with Android or iOS operating system.

6. Minion Rush: Despicable Me The Game
Minions are a hit with the youngest and this game for Android and iOS is a great activity for the family during quarantine. Minion Rush is an infinite runner type game, genre also known as infinite run, in which the objective is to dodge obstacles in a race to get as far as possible.

The app stands out for having as protagonists the friendly yellow characters called Minions. You can choose your favorite Minion and customize it with various unlockable outfits and accessories, as well as collect items for special rewards.

7. Disney Junior Play
Suitable for pre-school children, the Disney Junior Play app offers a creative space where little ones can watch music videos and interact with various educational games. The app also encourages the use of creativity in a sticker book with several Disney characters.

Available for Android and iPhone (iOS), the game offers activities that exercise logical reasoning while distracting children. All with the Disney quality standard, with striking colors, pleasant music and sound effects and the presence of famous characters among the children.



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