Seven children: Does Hilaria Baldwin feel guilty about her mother?


Will Hilaria Baldwin (38) be able to reconcile all the children? A former yoga teacher has just become a mom for the seventh time. Together with her husband, actor Alec Baldwin (64 years old), she welcomed little Ilaria Catalina Irena into the world. But despite her happiness in infancy, she still has six small children at home: Will Hilaria be able to take care of all the children at the same time?

Now Hilaria has shared candid words in her Instagram story: “I’m trying to find a balance again between being a new mom, breastfeeding, healing and trying to make my kids feel like I’m around!” She admits that she probably doesn’t always do everything right and sometimes feels guilty that It’s fine. It is important that their older children “have the feeling that they also get time for mom.” Nevertheless, the 38-year-old man stressed how special and “magical” it was to bring a child home from the hospital.

Hilaria and Alec revealed the name of their new family member immediately after their birth, and there is a story behind this special name. The second and third names of Ilaria are Spanish versions of the names of Ilaria’s mother and grandmother. The first name is a shortened version of her own name.


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