Seungyeop From E’LAST Announces Conscription + Wrote a Heartfelt Letter to Fans


The participant of E’LAST, Seungyeop, announced his enlistment in the army.

On January 3, the agency E’LAST E Entertainment announced that on January 31, Synep will be enrolled in the 28th Army Recruit Training Center. On the same day, Seungyeopalso posted a handwritten letter on E’LAST’s official social media account.

Read his letter below:

Hello. This is the Son from E’LAST.

The weather is very cold, but everyone is doing well, right? I picked up the pen because there is something I really want to say to ELRING (the official fan club E’LAST). At this moment in 2023, when the year of the Rabbit begins, the country has called me, and on January 31 I will be enlisted in the army. I’m really sorry for ELRING because it’s such an unexpected announcement. I debuted on June 9th, 2020 and received a lot of support and love from ELRING. Thanks to ELRING, I was able to become who I am today and more mature. ELRING’s love has always comforted me and given me a lot of impressions and memories, for which I am very grateful. The thought of being away from ELRING for one year and six months, which may seem long or short, makes me sad, but please look forward to the Son who will return more mature than ever!

Thank you very much, ELRING.

I love you, ELRING.

From the Seungyeop.

We wish the Seungyeop all the best during his upcoming service!


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