Seulgi Red Velvet Affected by Fake Rumors


Fans recently defended Red Velvet’s Seulgi by making trending topics on Twitter.

This support was given by fans to Seulgi, after false rumors about him spread on Twitter.

The rumors were started by an anonymous Twitter user who claimed to be the victim of bullying a famous K-Pop idol while studying at SOPA.

He revealed evidence in the form of his photo when he was still studying at SOPA in 2013 and called the K-Pop idol’s initials as KSG from the agency S.

Suddenly fans immediately assumed that the K-Pop idol the Twitter user meant was Seulgi from SM Entertainment.

However, fans later realized that the photo was not an original photo of himself. When searched using Google Image, the photo belonged to another SOPA student who was uploaded to Instagram in 2019.

After learning the truth behind the false rumors, fans immediately flocked to make tweets on Twitter with the hashtag #RespectSeulgi.

At the time of writing this article, the hashtag #RespectSeulgi was ranked first on the trending list of Twitter topics in various countries including Indonesia.

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