Seulgi proves its popularity and sells out these trendy products


Seulgi shows once again why she is one of Korea’s most popular idols and sets the trend with a new accessory.

Seulgi shows that her popularity and renown in K-pop makes ad campaigns a success, the Red Velvet idol managed to sell out various accessories in record time.

SM’s group continues with their winter break, although each of the members is promoting their solo projects, such as Irene’s Double Patty, Wendy’s new show, Joy’s magazine covers, and more. Each of them has a brand reputation that makes it a favorite with fans and campaigns.

Through its official instagram account, the fashion brand Thatspoint shared in its Stories a statement to tell its fans that the products used by Red Velvet’s Seulgi are out of stockafter the idol modeled them in her selfies.

The fashion trends in Korea of the South are imposed by the idols, whose fans want to imitate her style to dress and looks beauty, so when one of them wear certain clothes, accessories and hairstyles, become trending or depleted in the stores.


For a few months, Seulgi has been very active on social networks, sharing her day to day, behind the scenes and selfies that her fans love.

In its recent winter post, the singer wore a cap of white plush that kept her warm, also a blue jacket pastel of Thatspoint brand accessories that are sold once the fans placed orders to imitate the idol.


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The firm had to announce that they have had problems restocking the products due to high demand, even an iPhone case with cow designs sold out when Seulgi posted a mirror selfie.

Without a doubt, her popularity and face is a guarantee to sell whatever, because everyone wants to imitate her, Seulgi fashion is a great reference in sales and trends, they are even a clue to the gifts they receive from their fans, because they know which ones. are your favorite brands.

Seulgi’s popularity also made her the new face of an ad campaign, the idol being the ambassador for Volkswagen Korea.


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