Seth Rogen Says No One Has Made a Good School Movie Since Superbad


Seth Rogen has had a very successful career as an actor, producer and writer. One of his most favorite projects continues to be the hit Superbad directed by Greg Motolla. Rogen wrote it with Evan Goldberg, and also played the supporting role of Officer Michaels. You can’t deny the quality of Superbad, although Rogen recently stated that no one has made a good school movie since that 2007 comedy.

School films have historically been a proven and true genre, and classics such as “The Breakfast Club” and “It’s All Her” continue to be part of the pop culture landscape. Superbad helped launch the careers of its main characters and remains popular today. And in a recent interview with People, Rogen said that this genre has not had many hits since his film was released in 2007. In his argument, he quoted his Fabelmans colleague Gabe Labelle, saying:

What’s crazy is that Gabe Labelle is 19 years old, and his and his friends’ favorite movie is “Super Bad.” So for some reason he never changed. Since then, no one has made a good school movie.

Shots were fired. Although this is a print interview and we can’t understand Seth Rogen’s tone, he seems to think there hasn’t been a single great high school movie in the last 15 years. And considering how many additions to this genre have appeared in cinemas during this time, reasonable money says that Rogen’s comments about Superbad will turn some heads.

Seth Rogen’s thoughts on Superbad’s ongoing legacy come from a broader conversation about his career, starting with Judd Apatow’s “Weirdos and Geeks.” And, discussing how he got closer to his young Fabelmans colleague Gabe Labelle, Rogen said that Superbad served as a starting point. While claiming that there haven’t been any good high school movies in the last 15 years, he apparently ignored some very noteworthy additions.

Some of the famous teen films that have emerged in recent years include Greta Gerwig’s “Lady Bird” (which received multiple Oscar nominations, including Best Picture), Olivia Wilde’s acclaimed comedy “Bookstore”, and Stephen Chbosky’s “It’s Good to Be Quiet” (among others. ) Each of them has a unique tone and message, but they were accepted by the public.

The success of “Super Bad” is something that really cannot be denied, and the film became a star moment for a number of actors. It was Emma Stone and John Hill’s big break, and McLovin’s actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse became a viral sensation. This film also became one of the first achievements of actor and director Dave Franco.

Fabelmans is currently available for home purchase, and Superbad can be rented. Seth Rogen has a number of exciting projects, including The Super Mario Bros. Movie. In the meantime, check out the movie’s release dates in 2023 to plan your next movie.


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