Seth MacFarlane led the Oscar ceremony drunk on “3 1/2 glasses of scotch”


Seth MacFarlane got drunk while leading the Academy Awards ceremony in 2013. The Academy Awards have experimented with unconventional presenters before. Anne Hathaway and James Franco led 2011. They usually choose professional stand-up artists like Chris Rock, Billy Crystal and Steve Martin, or at least TV presenters like David Letterman and Whoopi Goldberg. MacFarlane was somewhere in between: a writer/producer and an actor with musical experience. Although I didn’t do it sober.

MacFarlane was a guest on Rob Lowe’s program literally! podcast from June 1. Although Lowe’s own performances at the Oscars never took place, he praised MacFarlane’s work as a presenter. It was then that MacFarlane admitted that he was self-medicating.

Seth MacFarlane got drunk on scotch to prepare for the Oscars

MacFarlane is known to drink on stage. He was on the panels with a glass of Scotch. At the Dolby Theater, he drank offstage all the time.

“Rob, by the time I got on stage, I had already drunk about three and a half glasses of whiskey,” MacFarlane said on the program “Literally!”. “There was no way I could go out and do it sober. It just wasn’t possible.”

Seth MacFarlane needed liquid courage

Despite making “Family Guy” and the movie “Ted” in theaters, MacFarlane still felt overwhelmed by the task at the Oscars. He kept his cool on stage, but admitted what he really felt.

“I had to dance and all that stuff,” McFarlane said. — Uh, no way. I’m going to have a panic attack. I can’t do that.”

MacFarlane suggested that he is not the first Oscar host to have a drink before going on air.