Set with accessories for PlayStation 5 reveals details


More and more we are learning more about the PlayStation 5, one of the consoles with the biggest hype of 2020. Today we have new information about its accessories, which were revealed today by the leaker Roberto Serrano, who had already revealed other details regarding the video game of Sony. See the images showing the complete set:

In the images we see different items, among them we have the console in two versions already shown: the standard and the Digital Edition, which does not have the disc player. There is also the new DualSense, which already had some information revealed, in addition to it we see the Pulse 3D headset, the DualSense charging base, the HD Camera and the PlayStation 5 remote control.

The first of the images shown only exalts what has already been confirmed by Sony before revealing some specifications of your console, while the following indicate specifications of accessories, which you can see below with 3D perspectives.

DualSense Control

Starting with DualSense, the leaker also shared an animated 3D rendering, which allows us to see control from all angles. In the file details such as improved vibration, adaptive triggers and the Create button, which will allow new ways to stream and share your gameplays.

PULSE 3D headset

The Pulse 3D headset has some special features, such as perfect integration with the sound produced by Tempest 3D, allowing greater immersion during the game. The headset also has noise canceling microphones and audio pickup for the player to chat during games.

Remote Control

The PlayStation 5 remote control must have a very clean design, with a button for voice commands, which may indicate integration with an assistant that was already shown in a Sony patent in early 2020 and can help the player to plan their hours gameplay and even execute simple commands within the PlayStation system.

We also see 4 blank buttons, which may be programmed to perform specific functions in the system, however nothing has been confirmed yet.

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HD Camera

The HD Camera is one of the last accessories revealed today, it should be particularly useful for streamers, but unfortunately we didn’t have many details about other functions besides recording videos with two sensors in 1080p.

Finally, the leaker unfortunately did not share a 3D view of the charger for DualSense controls, but the image shows that it will support providing charge for up to 2 controls at the same time. Unfortunately we still don’t have details about the battery of the controls, except that it should last up to 4 hours longer than in DualShock 4.


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