Service Rents iPhone 13 For One Year In Brazil; See Prices


iPhone 13: An option increasingly used by both companies and individuals, the rental of smartphones has been presented as a good cost-effective way to use the latest technologies without having to make a very high initial investment. In addition, the lessee does not have to worry about negotiating the resale of the product, and has immediate replacement in case of theft, theft and damage.

In this sense, the Allugator platform started the pre-subscription process for the new iPhone 13, officially launched by Apple last month. The smartphone is scheduled to arrive in Brazil on the 22nd, with pre-sale starting tomorrow (15th).

How do I rent an iPhone 13 on Allugator?

Renting an iPhone 13, as well as other smartphones, cameras or games, is a very simple process: just go to the website at this link, choose the item, the plan, contract and receive the device at home, as soon as your documentation is approved . The annual payment amount can be paid via bank slip, in cash, Pix or credit card, in up to 12 installments.

By offering a plan of up to 12 months, the idea is that the user always has the most up-to-date version of their favorite device at hand, and at an affordable price. In the annual plan, the customer pays about 35% of the device’s retail value. This means that renting an iPhone 13 will cost, depending on which of the four models chosen, between $1,400 and $6,500.


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