Seriously, every Percy Jackson update makes the Disney+ show more exciting


The new series “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” is being developed for Disney+, and with each new update it becomes more exciting. Information about the series is gradually starting to leak out, and the series seems to be moving in a much better direction than previous adaptations of Rick Riordan’s books. While Percy Jackson’s films have been met with mixed reviews, the upcoming Disney+ show seems much more promising.

Percy Jackson follows a titled demigod who moves to Camp Half-blood after discovering that he is the son of the Greek god Posideon. The franchise began as a series of books by Rick Riordan, consisting of five main books that were published from 2005 to 2009. After the success of the books, a series of films about Percy Jackson began, but due to numerous failures, the series ended after only two films. With the announcement of the Disney+ show Percy Jackson got a second chance, which brought with it a new hope that the series would finally become an exact adaptation of his favorite books.

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Although there is still no trailer, details about Percy Jackson from Disney+ are constantly being published, and almost all of them are good signs. The fact that this is a TV series already makes the series more exciting, since the story of five books is more suitable for several seasons than for films. On top of that, Percy Jackson’s casting announcements were met with praise from the Percy Jackson fandom, as each of the show’s actors matches the characters of the book much more accurately than their counterparts from the film. More recently, Rick Riordan commented on the early footage of Percy Jackson, stating his approval of the show. It is known that Riordan hated movies, refusing to watch them, so his participation and approval of the Disney+ adaptation make it even more exciting.

Most of the positive reviews of Percy Jackson came from those who directly participated in the show, which may cause skepticism. However, some of the creative decisions made only by Disney+ indicate that overall the product is better than the movies. Firstly, the show promised to be more bookish, and the films were criticized for a strong deviation from the source material. Percy Jackson’s upcoming show will also use cutting-edge technology, using the same StageCraft ILM scenes as in “Mandalorian.” Besides, Percy Jackson will also be featured to a greater extent than in the films, and inclusion will be one of the central themes of the book series. Overall, these new updates give the impression that the stars have finally come together, and a proper adaptation of Percy Jackson is on the way.

The story details, production updates, and Rick Riordan’s endorsement make Percy Jackson on Disney+ that much more exciting. A promising cast and crew are setting the bar high for the series, and we hope that the upcoming trailer will live up to the already high expectations that the show has for itself. Fans have been clamoring for a great adaptation for years, and these exciting updates make it likely that the Disney+ series “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” will finally become one.