Serious Sam 4: a grateful alien surprise


Serious Sam is, without a doubt, the most beloved son of the Croteam studio. If we leave The Talo’s Principle aside, one of the company’s recent successes, the series that follows the anti-hero’s fight against Mental’s extraterrestrial forces was the one that went further, leveraging the company in about 12 varied games.

The last release of the original series was in 2011, with Serious Sam 3: BFE (Before the First Encounter) and since then, the most passionate fans have been waiting for a continuation to the main story.

While there was this wait, the developer launched in parallel some indie games with its cartoonish protagonist for various platforms, including Android and iOS, leaving aside the great titles for a while.

Serious Sam returns with the same spirit and comedy as his predecessors, but now with graphics more consistent with the current generation. But is that enough to take the franchise a step further? Let’s go to our analysis!

Frantic as always, unfair as never
If the number of monsters was already a common feature in the series, the variety seems to have reached the extreme, along with an exacerbated difficulty, almost unfair to most players.

The challenge of facing huge hordes was a promise from the developers during the release of some trailers, showing that it would not be so easy to pass through all enemies.

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