Serious Sam 2 gets a giant update 15 years later


Do you still remember Serious Sam 2? The game was released there in the distant year of 2005 and it seemed completely abandoned, at least until this week received a patch with huge updates!

After downloading the data, the game gains support for two new weapons, the possibility to load two weapons at the same time, jump rockets, run and access a radar to track enemies and objectives. In addition, improvements were also made to the animations and graphics!

Several new multiplayer maps have also been added, a feat that was only made possible thanks to a partnership between Croteam studio and independent developer Nathan “DwK” Brown, a longtime fan of the series and a very talented modder.

If you miss the game, there is no better time to revisit it, as the update is available completely free of charge on Steam. What did you think of this news? Comment below!


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