Serious Injury While Filming Ad, Comedian Park Na Rae Confirmed To Have Surgery!


Park Na Rae, this South Korean female comedian had to be rushed to the hospital to undergo surgery for a work accident she experienced.

It is known that Park Na Rae suffered an injury when she was doing for one of the advertisements, which tore the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) aka the ligament in her knee.

Through his agency, JDB Entertainment reported today (05/08) regarding Park Na Rae’s condition, “Park Na Rae tore her ACL due to an accident on the set of an advertisement. He needs surgery, and we are adjusting his schedule. We plan to consider Park Na Rae’s recovery as our top priority and will do our best to take care of our artist. We would like to apologize to the fans and staff concerned for causing concern.”

Park Na Rae herself has started her career in the South Korean entertainment world as a female comedian since 2006. Slowly but surely, Na Rae is now one of the most anticipated hostesses.

Hopefully Park Na Rae can have her surgery smoothly and make a full recovery soon.


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