Serious flaw showing your location on WhatsApp Web


WhatsApp Web is an extension of the account on your mobile phone, and allows you to view and use the app on a laptop or any device that has a web browser. In this way, the messages you send and receive on your PC and your smartphone are synchronized and you can see them on both devices.

It is not exactly installing a program like Telegram does, but rather it is about opening the WhatsApp interface in a web browser, but allowing access to the same account on two different devices, and being able to send and receive messages and ( almost) everything WhatsApp allows.

Exposing your location to your contacts

And it is this version that is in the news today because a serious security breach has been discovered, a breach that allows one user to see the exact physical location of another without their knowledge. Websites like ADN40 have echoed the ruling, revealing what to do:

The requirements is that both you and your contact are using WhatsApp Web and in a Windows 10 environment.

If the conditions are met, open the Task Manager by pressing the combination Control + Alt + Delete
Press Win + R
‘Run’ will open, type ‘cmd’ and press Enter
Do you see the command prompt? Type inside this ‘netstat-an’ and hit Enter.
With this you will see the IP address of your contact appear
Enter this website, enter that IP and immediately you will be able to see the physical location of your contact, without obviously this having given you permission to do so.

Protect yourself from failure

While Facebook and Windows are in charge of patching this gap, in order to protect yourself you can block the GPS of a mobile or a PC while you are not using it, and use WhatsApp Web only when you need it, without having the window open all the time.

Another trick is to look at the privacy settings you have in Windows 10. To do this, open the Start menu> go to Settings> and select the Privacy option. You’ll see a list of general privacy settings, and there are links to specific privacy settings on the left side of the page. Find ‘Location’ and disable it if it is enabled.


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