Series this Week: American Gods Returns


In the first business week of 2021, many premieres arrive on television and streaming, promising to bring great news to the public. One of the most anticipated premieres is the American Gods season 3. The production, which is based directly on the work of British writer Neil Gaiman, will start making its new episodes available from next Sunday (10).

Another series that promises and will launch its first part this week is Netflix’s Lupine, starring Omar Sy. The plot incorporates the infamous literary character created by Maurice Leblanc in a contemporary narrative full of mystery, action and good humor. The first episodes will be available on the streaming platform from January 8th.

Netflix will also debut other productions over the next few days. Special highlight for Pretend that NY is a city (Pretend It’s a City, in the original). Headed by filmmaker Martin Scorsese, the production has Fran Lebowitz giving an insight into New York City from her point of view.

The critic and also essayist addresses several issues in his speech such as New York tourism, urban mobility, the real estate issue and other issues about this great city. The premiere takes place on Friday (8).


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