Series in History: see 3 fun facts about Friends


In 1994, NBC premiered one of the main series in TV history: Friends. The program was so successful in the following years that it became a true pop culture icon by showing the fun relationship of a group of 6 New York-based friends.

To celebrate the 26th anniversary of the program, which debuted on the same date, in 1994, check out a short list with some fun facts about the Friends series!

1. Courteney Cox almost played Rachel

Before Jennifer Aniston was chosen for the role of Rachel, the character was offered to Courteney Cox, who, after reading the script, asked to play Monica. According to the actress, she identified more with the character’s personality, especially in relation to the obsession with cleanliness and competitiveness.

2. Screenwriters became creative to cut costs

In the beginning, the program did not have a high budget. So, aiming at the economy, the writers developed episodes totally focused on only one scenario, as in the case of The One Where No One’s Ready, which took place entirely in Monica and Rachel’s apartment.

3. Gunther was a real barista

James Michael Tyler was chosen to play Gunther simply because he was the only one on the set who was able to operate the espresso machine. He kept his job as a barista until the 4th season.

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