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It seems that yesterday we started September, and we are already facing its last week and incidentally the change of season, going from the strangest summer in the last decade to an uncertain autumn as well. And since it is the final stretch, the VOD platforms launch their last minute artillery for the coda of the month.

We start on Netflix with one of its major premieres: Enola Holmes, a free version of the Sherlock Holmes universe in which the popular Millie Bobby Brown -Stranger Things- plays Sherlock and Mycroft’s younger sister, in a series that seeks to discover Conan-Doyle’s works to a whole generation TikTok and serve as a reference with a leading and strong female character.

On HBO, and touching on the always sensitive issue of the ETA conflict, Patria begins the day ETA announces the abandonment of arms, in a story with characters who have suffered and / or killed during the conflict within the microclimate of a Basque town . The series “tells us about the impossibility of forgetting and the need for forgiveness in a community broken by political fanaticism for more than 30 years.”

And as a counterpoint, Movistar + premieres the Jojo Rabbit fable, a dreamy tragicomic fable that only the unclassifiable Taika Waititi -What We Do in the Shadows, Thor Ragnarok- could direct about a German boy, deeply convinced of Nazi goodness, who discovers that his mother is hiding a Jewish girl at home. Oscar winner for best adapted screenplay.

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