Series and premiere movies on Netflix for November 2020


Facing the last week of October, in just 3 days we will be November 1, the month of transition on the way to Christmas and in which the biggest shopping days of the year are crowded. And in a 2020 as strange as the one we are living in, on the way to an absolutely atypical Christmas due to the Coronavirus pandemic we are experiencing, Netflix has decided to start releasing Christmas content between its premieres for November 2020.

But that does not mean that the only thing we are going to see are things of constant joy, happy people, Christmas trees, etc. Fantastic and horror fans will have a couple of post-Halloween premieres to keep their fear active with Paranormal, the first Egyptian series that Netflix premieres and that revolves around the world of the supernatural. And the new version of Pet Sematary or Animal Cemetery, one of the most accomplished and disturbing works of Stephen King’s imagination.

But there is more, because Mateo Gil -director and scriptwriter of several works by Alejando Amenabar as Thesis-, premieres the interesting Midas’s Favorites, a Netflix original based on a story by Jack London -one of North America’s most iconic classic authors – which has the always excellent Luis Tosar playing a businessman who is blackmailed by a stranger, only that every time he refuses to pay him, someone randomly dies.

And in addition, season 4 of The Crown, which brings us to the three most important female figures of England in the 20th century: Queen Elizabeth II, Diana of Wales and Margaret Thatcher, the ‘Iron Lady’.

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November 1

November 2
‘Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures’, season 2

Can you hear me ?, season 1

November 3
Gabby’s Dollhouse, Season 1

Memories of Youth, season 1

November 4
Love and Anarchy, season 1

5 November
Paranormal, season 1

Outlander, season 4

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, season 6

November 6
Country Ever After, season 1

November 9
Operation Ecstasy, season 2

November 10
Dash and Lily, season 1

November 11
Trash, season 1

The Liberator, season 1

Aunt Donna’s Hilarious House, Season 1

November 13
Midas’ Favorites, Season 1

November 15
The Crown, season 4

November 17
The Boss Baby: Back to Work, Season 4

November 18
Mr. Christmas decorates your house, season 1

November 24
Dragons Rescue Riders: Huttsgalor Holiday

November 25
The scammer, season 2

November 27
A place to dream, season 2

Christmas visit, season 1


November 1

The Boss – Anatomy of a Crime

Hostel Part III


Urban legend

The secret Garden

Tom and Jerry: The Movie

November 3

5 November
Spongebob: A Hero to the Rescue

Operation Merry Christmas

November 6
The summons

November 9
Animal graveyard

The magic park

November 11
What we wanted

November 12
Me, teenager


November 13
The Jangle’s Magical Christmas

The life ahead

November 17
Slaterhouse Rules

November 18
The Hunter (2020)

November 19
(Re) princess change

November 20
Xtraterrestrial Christmas

November 22
One more in the family

November 23
Dolly Parton: Christmas in the Square

November 24
Hillbilly, a rural elegy

Tomy’s notebook

Notes for my son

November 25
The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two

November 26


November 27


Don´t listen

November 30
Finding Agnes


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