Sergio Ramos and Zidane outraged with Hazard The ultimate mess!


He has done it again. There are already several occasions in which Hazard travels to play with his team and returns from the break with a goal in the buchaca. This is striking when Real Madrid is having a hard time seeing the door.

In fact, he has only managed to score a goal in an official match against the two for example that he scored in the last match of his team in Russia to win the local team 1-3. Hazard has before him the mission he has left, start scoring goals with his team since it seems that his maximum level of play has already been reached.

This is not to worry about the template and the white directive, but if they wanted to give Eden a joke or a joke, letting him drop what he can start scoring goals with the Madrid shirt whenever he wants … Sergio Ramos and Zinedine Zidane are responsible for launching the indirect international Belgian, partly because they are great friends and have plenty of confidence to make such comments without Hazard bothering about it. Everything seems to indicate that Zizou from January will put the player in a game more focused on the attack to be closer to the area and this will help him with the scorer section while leaving room for Vinicius to continue with his progression.

After this break there will be no selection window until March for what Hazard has until then to gain his goals and put it up to that of other years with Chelsea where he is usually in the 20 goals per season between all competitions .

The one who is also playing better with his team than with Madrid is Toni Kroos, who yesterday also scored twice in an excellent game. It is noted that this year is two or three points above the Kroos that was seen last year and Madrid will be the biggest benefit from it.


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