Sergio Goyri talks about Yalitza Aparicio again


Sergio Goyri spoke of Yalitza Aparicio again for the first time after referring to the actress from “Roma” in a derogatory way. The actor of soap operas such as “Te Sigo Amando” and “Señora Acero” spoke about Aparicio’s Oscar nomination and referred to her as “fucking Indian.”

After the video went viral, Goyri apologized to the actress for insulting her.

“Here, showing my face and taking responsibility for unfortunate comments on my part, all I want to say is that there was never any intent on my part, to offend anyone. I apologize to Yalitza, who deserves that and much more, for me it is an honor that she is nominated for an Oscar, “said Goyri in the video.

Yalitza was on Goyri’s mouth again after the actress’s name came up for a “live action” version of Disney’s Pocahontas. On this occasion, the actor was delighted that he was considered for the leading role.

“What a father, hopefully … let’s go … hopefully, God first,” Goyri said before the cameras of Imagen TV’s “Sale el Sol”.


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