Serge Tankian shared a new visualizer


It is presented as an additional track in “Perplex Cities”.

“Perplex Cities” will be available on streaming services on October 21 via Tankian’s label Serjical Strike and will follow the EP “Elasticity” in 2021.

The LP, obtained through Arloopa, is “linked to the tank and available for purchase” from September 19.

Tankian is an Invocations based in Northridge, California, on location with a full choir, full orchestra and tenor, alto, headliner, World Circle and world comedian in Soraya, California. it was announced. The work is in the style of death metal and Tankian himself.

The show will take place on April 29 2023 and will be simultaneously broadcast worldwide. Tickets are available here.

Next to the system, an attack was launched in the Lower System Outside the attack plan.

Tankian, who is Erme, is releasing his June solo American song “A”. He could serve those who face their “slippery wound”.

Those who came also said that the lyrics of the song “like” in Azerbaijan in 2020 are touching. ”

Amber” is unity and harmony in its message. This is the only really powerful weapon of the Armenian people.”

Through a new visual agent, Serge Tank, he announced that the choir and concert in Los Angeles appeared on NME for the first time.


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