Serbian Farmers Refuse to Sell Cows with Bitcoin


The rise in the price of Bitcoin, the statements made by well-known names such as Elon Musk about the crypto money industry and the influence of BTC domain names increased interest in cryptocurrencies. However, this interest does not seem to cover all segments of society.

It turned out that farmers living in Serbia are not very interested in cryptocurrencies. Farmers who like to go to livestock markets in a traditional way prefer cash.

According to Serbia’s local news outlet Telegraf, Serbian Agriculture Minister Branislav Nedimović spoke on the issue. Serbian farmers still “prefer cash” as the method of payment, the minister said.

It’s different with your neighbors

According to the Telegraph, a cow in Montenegro was sold for 0.03 Bitcoins. The name of the cow has a name reminiscent of Bitcoin: Bitkoinka. The value of the cow sold is around $ 1,500 at current prices.

Marko Maras, owner of the online agricultural cooperative platform where the sale took place, stated that the potential of Bitcoin will soon emerge. In the blog post of the platform, it is said that they may be the first platform that succeeded in trading animals with Bitcoin.

Andela Bojic, owner of Bitkoinka, believes that modernizing agriculture will encourage young people to farm. Bojic, “Even the first football transfer was made with Bitcoin, why not buy the cow?” expresses that they want to pioneer an innovation by asking.

At the same time, it is stated in the post that digitalization positively supports, accelerates and modernizes agricultural production.


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