Sequence of acquisitions! After Moovit, Intel buys Rivet Networks, owner of Killer Wi-Fi


Intel is pursuing its aggressive expansion strategy with the announcement of the acquisition of Rivet Networks. The acquisition is part of the plan to develop new solutions to further improve PC connectivity, according to the hardware giant.

According to Intel, the idea is to keep the Killer brand alive, which already had Intel components for devices with the AX1650 WiFi 6 card. What changes is the fact that the Rivet Networks team, who will join the team of solutions without Intel’s wireless network to bring your software experience to network hardware the moment computers start running the new Wi-Fi standard.

Rivet Networks was born as Bigfoot Networks, a small startup, which promised to reduce latency with a network game accelerator, and then went on to provide its technology under the Wi-Fi Killer brand. The result was a connection speed that exceeded expectations in terms of wireless hardware.

In 2011 Qualcomm acquired Bigfoot and transformed it into Rivet Netrworks, and continued to supply hardware from the Killer network, which was then taken to Dell / Alienware gaming laptops. This technology promises adjustments that can improve wireless connections, speed and capacity and response.

The focus is on using bandwidth and prioritizing tasks like games and others that use a lot of bandwidth, like streaming video. Intel recently announced the purchase of Tile, the world leader in intelligent localization. The acquisitions show the company’s strategy to further improve the capacity of its computing products.

The content below (in English) shows the increments that the Killer chip offers in terms of connection speed.