By September 30, Apple Will Transfer All Revenue of (PRODUCTRED) Products to COVID-19 Funds


Apple announced in a new decision that it would transfer 100 percent of its (PRODUCTRED) products’ revenue to funds allocated for COVID-19. With this decision, Apple will not earn money from any of its (PRODUCTRED) products (including the new iPhone SE) until September 30.

US-based technology giant Apple marks some of the iPhone models it releases as “(PRODUCT RED)”. In fact, this sign, which indicates its products in a special red tone, has a special importance for Apple. Because the company has transferred some of its revenue from devices (PRODUCT RED) to scientific studies for HIV / AIDS. However, according to the latest statements, this situation will change for a while.

Explanations on the subject were made by Apple himself. In the statements, it was stated that 100 percent of the income of (PRODUCT RED) products will be transferred to the funds allocated for COVID-19 disease, which emerged in Wuhan, China and became a pandemic. With this move, Apple will have given additional support to efforts to overcome the coronavirus epidemic.

Apple; It will transfer all revenues of (PRODUCT RED) products to be obtained by September 30 to the funds related to COVID-19. Moreover, the company does not separate any models in this process. In other words, iPhone SE, which we had the opportunity to meet as of last night, is also included in this process. So Apple will even sacrifice the revenues of the new iPhone model for the COVID-19 support program.

We can say that this move of both Apple and other technology giants is very important. Because recently, other companies have started to support for COVID-19. In this way, the way for scientists became more open. In fact, such studies brought together great competitors. So much so that Apple recently waged COVID-19 by collaborating with Google.


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