September 2020, Hottest September in History


Scientists have announced that the September we left behind was the hottest September in history. Expressing that temperatures increase due to global warming, experts say that the temperature increases will continue with the increase of greenhouse gases, which is an expected situation.

The coronavirus epidemic, the number one agenda item of 2020, has caused many things to be swept under the carpet. However, while there is a coronavirus epidemic on the one hand, on the other hand, things that should not be forgotten such as global warming are still a reality of our lives. In fact, it probably didn’t attract anyone’s attention, but the September we left behind was recorded as the hottest September in history.

Copernicus Program officials, led by the European Commission and the European Space Agency, said that the world’s highest temperatures were recorded in September, while even the temperature in the Siberian region was above average. According to investigations, sea ice in the Arctic has also dropped to the second lowest level since satellite recordings began. In short, global warming has begun to show its effects as never before.

Samantha Burgess, one of the directors of the Copernicus Program, made a statement on the subject, saying that the temperatures experienced and the events that took place accordingly were extraordinary, but this situation said, “The temperatures will increase a little more every year.” He says it should not be interpreted as. Stating that the climate and weather conditions are quite variable, Burgess emphasizes that it should not be forgotten that it is people who cause this situation.

Ed Hawkins, who works at the University of Reading in the UK, states that what scientists have been saying for years is true, and these high temperatures are not surprising. According to Hawkins, the release of greenhouse gases will continue to increase the effects of global warming. Stating that even an increase of 1 degrees Celsius in the temperature on Earth is dangerous, Hawkins added that she does not want to see the effect of temperature increases of 2 or 3 degrees Celsius….


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