September 2 Wordle 440 Response


Wordle is back with another mysterious five-letter word that players have to guess. Every day a new word appears, and today’s task will be an interesting challenge for both new and old players.

How to Play Wordle

Wordle is a simple browser—based puzzle game from New York Times Games. Although there are many clones and copycats, the NYT version is the original one. So fans of word puzzles will have to go there to play. Here’s how to play:

First, select the initial word. It should be a real English five-letter word. It shouldn’t be a proper name, and it should contain common letters in Wordle puzzles. Also, while they can be used as assumptions, Wordle answers are not plural nouns ending in S. Enter this initial word on the site and press enter. Then the letters will change color to give clues to the answer.

The letters that turn gray are incorrect. The letters that turn green are correct. The yellow letters are correct, but in the wrong place in the word.

Given these clues, players have only six attempts to get to the word of the day. There is only one puzzle per day, and that word is reset at midnight local time. After the puzzle is completed, the Wordle menu will appear. This menu has a spoiler-free “Share” button that allows players to share the colors of their Wordle board without spoiling the word of the day for others. There will also be player stats in the menu; this includes things like winning streaks, total number of puzzles played, and distribution of guesses. It even has a timer until the next puzzle becomes available.

Tips for Wordle 440 on September 2, 2022

This is the second Wordle puzzle for September 2022, and it’s not the hardest word. However, some players may still need a little help. Here are some tips without revealing the whole answer of the day.

Today’s word can be used as a noun or verb. This is a five-letter word starting with the letter C. It does not contain duplicate letters. It ends with M. There is only one vowel in this word, and that is A. There is also one P in this word .

Answer for Wordle 440 dated September 2, 2022

Need an answer to the Wordle riddle? See the full spoiler under the image.

The answer to the Wordle 440 puzzle is CHARM.

Wordle is available for any browser.


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