September 18 Wordle 456 Response


Wordle is a fast word guessing game owned by the New York Times Games website. This popular game went viral back in early 2022, but there are fans of word puzzles who have yet to try this simple little game. So here’s a breakdown of the rules, as well as some help with the answer for those who need it.

How to Play Wordle

Originally created by developer PowerLanguage, Wordle was bought by the New York Times in February of this year. This is the original version and the subject of this article. Other sites and versions will have different answers, and some may even have slightly different rules of the game. Here’s How to Play Wordle by NYT:

First, go to the website and select the initial word Wordle. It should consist of five letters, be a real English word and contain many ordinary letters. Enter the selected word on the site and press Enter; this will cause the letters to change color.

The letters that turn green are correct and are in the right place in the word. Those who turn gray are wrong. The yellow letters are correct, but in the wrong place in the word.

With these hints, players must try new words and get new hints until they either find the answer or run out of attempts. There is only one puzzle for everyone every day; the words are reset daily at midnight. If players are interested in finding out how much time is left before the puzzle is reset, there is a timer in the Wordle menu, which can be accessed by clicking the graph icon at the top of the screen.

Tips for Wordle 456 on September 18, 2022

Although today’s word is quite simple and common, some players may still be looking for a clue that will help them. Check below for some hints that don’t spoil the whole answer.

Today’s Wordle word does not contain duplicate letters. This word can be either a noun or a verb. This five-letter word starts with the letter S. This word rhymes with the word KICK. There is a letter C in this word. It has only one vowel. This vowel letter And . There is also a letter K in this word .

The answer for Wordle 456 dated September 18, 2022

If someone still needs the five-letter word of the day Wordle, they can find the full spoiler right under the image.

The answer to the Wordle 456 puzzle is a STICK.

Wordle is available for any browser.


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