Seol Kang Hwa announces cast members with Jisoo


K-Drama Seol Kang Hwa shared updates on the cast and its premiere, this is the series where we will see Jisoo.

The news that BLACKPINK’s Jisoo would be part of a new K-Drama filled fans with excitement and created great expectations for this production, but when you meet the rest of the cast, you will realize that this drama has much more potential than you thought .

Korean drama premieres continue, but so do plans for new productions that are just starting filming. One of them is Seol Kang Hwa, a JTBC drama that will be packed with surprises.

It was previously announced that BLACKPINK’s Jisoo would be a part of this production, but the rest of the cast for this K-Drama is just as amazing.

Who will act in this drama? Kim Hye Yoon, Jung Yoo Jin, and Jang Seung Jo will also be part of Seol Kang Hwa, and while the lead roles have yet to be confirmed, there are already some strong candidates.

Everything indicates that the actress Yoo In Na could be in charge of giving life to the protagonist of this story, while the main male role could be in charge of Jung Hae In.

More news of this K-Drama will be revealed very soon, as production plans indicate that filming would begin in the next few months of the year.

The premiere of Seol Kang Hwa is scheduled for 2021, however it is not yet possible to determine the exact date for this.

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