Seo Ye Ji To Start Filming New Drama After 7 Months Of Vacuum


Actress Seo Yea Ji will soon be filming her latest drama after a hiatus for several months. According to a statement from tvN, the drama ‘Eve’s Scandal‘ will soon begin filming on November 24.

Previously, actress Seo Yea Ji had indeed been confirmed to be the main actor in the drama ‘Eve’s Scandal’, so this will be her first schedule after a 7-month vacuum.

At the beginning of this year, actress Seo Yea Ji was indeed hit by controversy regarding her love relationship with actor Kim Jung Hyun in the past.

Eve’s Scandal‘ itself is a drama that tells about a divorce lawsuit for a conglomerate family worth 2 trillion Won (24.5 trillion Rupiah) that will make Korea in an uproar.

Seo Yea Ji will take on the role of Lee Ra El, a character who was born to a genius father and a beautiful mother, but turns into a ‘dangerous flower’ with deadly charms due to her unfortunate family history. He is also the center of the 2 trillion Won divorce lawsuit.

This will be the next drama starring Seo Yea Ji since he last starred in ‘It’s Okay To Not Be Okay’.