Seo Bok, the new movie starring Gong Yoo


Park Bo Gum and Gong Yoo will star in a new movie called “Seo Bok”, this new project will be released until December.

Korean actors have become very popular and have achieved the same status as K-pop idols thanks to their characters in different dramas. Park Bo Gum and Gong Yoo are among the most popular figures and will merge their talents to star in a science fiction film, the first of them recorded this project before saying goodbye and enlisting in the military.

Through the Korean media, it was announced that Gong Yoo and Park Bo Gum will star in “Seo Bok”, a science fiction film that promises to be a success, not only because of its cast, but also because of the futuristic plot it will pose. It is estimated that its premiere will take place on December 31, in addition, during the next few hours the first teaser trailer will be revealed.

In social networks, both Korean actors posted a video to greet their fans and invite them to see the first preview of “Seo Bok”, both have achieved success in K-dramas thanks to stories like “Goblin”, “Train to busan ”And“ Record of Youth ”, the news moved more than one fan, as they are both big stars.


According to the first reports, “Seo Bok” will narrate the life of a former agent of an intelligence organization. “Ki Heon” (Gong Yoo) will live one of the most dangerous missions of his life, and perhaps the last, because after his encounter with the first human clone he will face various threats.

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For his part, Park Bo Gum will play the clone “Seo Bok”, who has immortal abilities, but will be in great danger when some people want to seize his power and seek to capture him. The personalities of both characters will be totally opposite. The first posters with both protagonists were also revealed, with a dark and mysterious aura.


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