Sensual María Pedraza in a low-cut black dress!


María Pedraza melts her fans on Instagram! The star of “La Casa de Papel” poses in a very sensual little black dress.

With each appearance on social media, María Pedraza then puts everyone in agreement. The famous Spanish actress from the hit series La Casa de Papel is unanimous in an ultra scorching little black dress.

On the Web, as on the big screen, María Pedraza has met with tremendous success. It’s simple, everyone loves it!

It must be said that the young actress of 24 years has a lot of talent. It thus connects projects, but above all, very big successes!

Nothing seems to be able to stop him. Notably famous for her role in La Casa de Papel, the pretty brunette continues to be talked about.

And she intends to do it for a long time. The one we know as Alison Parker spends a good deal of her time on social media.

Every day, she then exchanges with her audience and feeds her various accounts with photos, each more sublime and sexy than the next.

With it, Internet users hardly have time to be bored. And to their delight, María Pedraza has just posted a new photo on Instagram!

In a little black dress, the Spanish star then once again puts everyone in agreement on the platform.


With nearly 12 million Instagram followers, María Pedraza emerges as one of the most popular Spanish actresses of the moment.

The star of social networks is a huge success! Thus, his many fans admire him and therefore do not hesitate to let him know.

They then once again reacted en masse to their idol’s last post on the platform. It must be said that it sends very heavy!

The very famous actress of the successful series La Casa de Papel strikes a pose in a very pretty black dress and then seduces the Web with her gaze.

Kneeling in an empty room, she lets her shoulder appear. The black and white photo gives off something very strong! Under the spell, Internet users admire the muse.

You can read a ton of compliments under the new photo of the movie star. So that’s one more card for the pretty brunette!

But María Pedraza did not stop there. At the same time, she then shared 2 other photos, also in black and white. We love !

So we let you take a look at the busy Instagram feed of the young woman, but…. Warning the eyes !


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