Sensor takes quick covid-19 tests for iPhones


New rapid tests to detect covid-19 have emerged in recent weeks, and two initiatives have attracted attention because they use the iPhone and do not require technical knowledge for handling.

One of the projects, developed by the professor at the University of Utah (USA), Massood Tabib-Azar, allows rapid tests for the coronavirus to be carried out using just one drop of saliva from the patient. Originally created to detect the Zika virus, it has been redesigned for the covid-19 tests.

The device in which saliva is deposited, which measures 2.54 cm in width, is connected to the power input of the Apple smartphone and, from there, connects to another device, via Bluetooth, responsible for the analysis of the sample.

The result appears in 60 seconds in the app and can be sent to Health authorities. The covid-19 sensor, which is also capable of detecting coronavirus on surfaces, should be available between July and August for US $ 55.

Butterfly iQ
The other novelty is the Butterfly iQ, which uses an iPhone, a small ultrasound device and an augmented reality app, to conduct online exams on people residing in remote locations.

Just connect the probe to the cell phone, place it in the lungs region and transmit the exam in real time to the doctor, who will give all the guidance, in case the patient is operating the equipment. In this case, the detection of the disease focuses on checking the condition of the lungs, one of the organs most affected by covid-19.

The probe, already used in more than 20 countries, has a higher price: US $ 2 thousand.


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